Voix off | Voiceover

Suzanne Forsell is an actress and professional speaker whose voice fits to a broad variety of uses: commercials, radio and TV shows (Swiss Television: RTS, RSI), comments, reports (Temps Présent, Histoire Vivante, Viva, etc.), institutional films, dubbing, billboards, Video games, trailers, voice servers, answering machines, etc. She is member of the Swiss Professional Speakers Association (www.vps-asp.ch).

Caractéristiques: Modular voice, clear, dynamic, warm, precise and sensual. Average range. Synchro labial, records in French, Italian and German.

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Discover two children’s voices (boys):
Noé 13 years and Elie 8 years.


Voix off française pour l’IBA Basel

Vitaminis Italiano

Voce della pera e della fragola